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Introducing The All New Property Website

The Property Website presents all of your listing's visual assets in one beautifully arranged, scrolling web page. Tell the full story of your listing with this powerful and compelling add-on to the new HomeVisit Virtual Tour. View the features of this exciting new enhancement below, available soon for all of your listings.


(Free for any listing with HomeVisit photo shoot or U-Shoot self service option purchased prior to September 30th, 2016. Cost is $25 after trial period.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Property Website?
A Property Website presents all of your listing's visual assets in one beautifully arranged, scrolling webpage. Click HERE to see examples.

What is the difference between HomeVisit's Standard Virtual Tour and the Property Website?
HomeVisit’s Standard Virtual Tour provides a familiar interface where all of your listing’s content is viewable in a contained, non-scrolling window. The Property Website presents that same content, asset after asset, in an engaging scrolling web page.

What does "responsiveness" mean in terms of my Property Website?
In short, responsive web pages "respond" to their environment. This means that your Property Website will look great at any size; mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

How much does a Property Website cost to add on to a photoshoot?
The Property Websites are a $25 add on to any photography session.


Can I link the Property Website to MLS?
Yes. HomeVisit provides both branded and unbranded versions of Property Websites so that they can be linked to the MLS.

Will my Property Website link to other affiliate websites like RedFin, Trulia, Zillow, etc.?
Yes. These websites pull directly from the MLS. As long as your Property Website is active and linked to MLS, it will be pulled to these other affiliate websites.

If I have my own images, can I still utilize the Property Website?
Yes. For a $85 charge, you can upload your own images and configure the Property Website.

Can I link a custom domain name to a Property Website?
Yes. You can purchase a custom domain name through HomeVisit, or, if you have an existing custom domain, you can insert the Property Website link.

Can I customize the look of my Property Website?
No. At this time, customization is unavailable.

Can I link the Property Website to my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)?
Yes. You can simply copy the link to the Property Website and share it on any social media platform.

Will my Property Website link to Realtor.com?
Currently, Realtor.com allows agents to link tours to their website one of the following ways:

1. Pay a one time fee per property through HomeVisit, to upload a tour to Realtor.com.

2. Become a Showcase Member with Realtor.com.


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