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Video Production Done Right

We have spent over a year assembling and testing the best technology, equipment and techniques to produce captivating and compelling videos for your listings. We utilize the best cameras, lighting, cinematic sliders, dolly tracks, cranes and MOVI - the revolutionary 3-axis gyroscopically stabilized floating camera - to create footage you can’t get anywhere else, from a provider you know you can trust.

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These video presentations will show you our equipment,
techniques and how video can impact your marketing.

Professional Level Equipment

Unmatched by any other vendor
  • Full HD recording - 1920 x 1080 resolution (Canon 5d Mark III and Nikon D800)
  • Wide angle lenses at up to 16mm capture stunning images.
  • Daylight balanced lighting.
  • Cinematic Sliders for gliding imagery - 40 inch and 72 inch.
  • Crane for interior lifting and panning shots - 7 foot lift and pan.
  • Crane for exterior lifting and panning shots - 11 foot lift and pan.
  • Dolly tracks for perfect rolling movements - curved and straight tracks - up to 12 feet long.
  • Flexible dolly track for custom curved shaped movements - 20 feet.
  • MOVI M10 Gyroscopically stabilized floating camera rig.
    • MOVI is the most advanced handheld video capture device ever produced and HomeVisit is the first to deploy it for real estate video.
    • MOVI allows for perfectly stabilized floating and gliding movements that are very captivating and would be impossible to capture an other way.
Small interior crane with 7 foot lift and pan.

Small interior crane with 7 foot lift and pan.

12 foot curved dolly track.

12 foot curved dolly track.

Large crane with 11 foot lift and pan
Large crane with 11 foot lift and pan.
Large crane with 11 foot lift and pan
MOVI gyro-stabilized camera.

Features & Benefits

  • Professional quality equipment, techniques and results.
  • Professional qualityHomeVisit provides a single trusted source for video, fusion photography, virtual tour and print materials.
  • HomeVisit shoots footage of the home in full HD and handles all editing and posting to the Internet.
  • Fast turnaround - usually 1 week to shoot, process and link to virtual tour and other Internet locations.
  • Frame by frame editing of video in professional level software with music, transitions, captions, animated intro screens and optional voice over.
  • Video is the fastest growing method to promote homes online.
  • Get more listings and retain listings with improved service and marketing for your Sellers.
  • Direct integration into your HomeVisit virtual tour - the HD video goes everywhere the tour goes.
  • Lead with video on your website and social media posts.
  • Video is highly ranked in Google search for more exposure and backlinking to your web site.

Video Example Gallery

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2221 30th Street, NW
Washington, DC

3150 South St NW,
#PH1D Washington, DC

10214 Iron Gate Road
Potomac, MD

26877 Double Mill Road
Easton, MD

1506 Russell Road
Alexandria, VA

13516 Paternal Gift Dr Highland, MD

7700 Oldchester Road
Bethesda, MD

1605 Pine Lane Retreat
Annapolis, MD

7020 Natelli Woods Ln
Bethesda, MD

6200 Lakeview Drive
Falls Church, VA

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Every package price includes the editing and production of a first cut video for review,
one round of edits to the video, addition of music track and optional voice over.
The package price also includes publishing of the video to Vimeo and YouTube channel
and embedding into the HomeVisit virtual tour.
Up to
2,500 Sq Ft
2,501 to
4,000 Sq Ft
4,001 to
6,000 Sq Ft
6,001 to
8,000 Sq Ft
8,0001 to
10,000 Sq Ft
10,0001 to
13,000 Sq Ft
13,0001 to
15,000 Sq Ft
$1,200 $1,500 $1,750 $2,000 $2,550 $2,950 $3,500
  • The square footage ranges are based on the time required to move lights and equipment and set up shots. Properties with large grounds and more featured room areas may be recommended to move up one level.
  • The price ranges are suggested to gauge the size of the home as well as the number of rooms and features to be captured.
  • Q: Why are the shoots longer than photo shoots?
    A: There is more equipment to set up and lights and equipment are moved from scene to scene. We work in teams out of necessity and efficiency. Quality video takes time to do right and achieve professional results.
  • Voice Over Service.
    You can supply a voice over track to be added as part of the editing process at no charge. Alternatively, you can supply a written text overview to be recorded by a professional voice service at $90 / minute.
  • Custom Agent Introductions
    $50 - we record up to a 30 second standing introduction onsite with stereo sound and lighting. $100 - we record a one minute sitting intro or staged scene with boom mic and 2 lights.

Process & Timing

HomeVisit takes the hassle out of high quality property video
  • Video shoot scheduling is limited. Please let us know as early as possible in your marketing planning.
  • The lead time for a video shoot is usually 7 to 10 days.
  • After the shoot, your video can be edited and produced in 4 to 7 days and linked to your virtual tour and posted to YouTube and other Internet outlets.
  • It is important to have copy written for the featured areas of the home, just like for a brochure. Our Customer Service and Video Production staff can assist you with guidelines.


We are here to help! Contact Adam Elnagdy, adam@homevisit.com or Dave O’Brien, dob@homevisit.com any time. Our office phone is 703-953-3866.


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