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Floor Plan Driven Virtual Tours From HomeVisit

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What's the closest thing to bringing your prospective buyers inside the house? Introducing the HomeVisit Floor Plan Driven Virtual Tour!

Available Now For Only $49 per listing*
*Add-on Enhancement Requires Purchase of HomeVisit Virtual Tour

Floor Plan Drawing Services Available Starting At $149 per listing*
*Price determined by square footage.

Floor Plan Virtual Tours Features

The Floor Plan Virtual Tour is an enhancement that can be added to any HomeVisit Virtual Tour and provides an immersive new way to tour your listings. Compare! Our Floor Plan tour is far more advanced than Mouse On House or Floor Plans Online!

  • Intuitive liquid split screen view, featuring the floor plan on the left and your HomeVisit photography on the right. The plan and photos always fill the screen.
  • Red icons appear on the floor plan anywhere there are photos. Simply move your mouse over any icon, and that photo instantly fades into view on the right.
  • Slideshow function, automatically guiding your potential buyers through your listing, with each icon animating to indicate which photo is in view.
  • Drag-and-drop configuration. Click a pin, drop a picture to set up.
  • Travels everywhere your standard virtual tour goes.
  • Supply your own floor plan images or have HomeVisit draw them. The choice is yours!

More Features Than Both Mouse On House
& Floor Plans Online!

  • The HomeVisit Floor Plan Virtual Tour is fully liquid! Expand the tour window and your photos increase in size. Want to increase the size of the floor plan image? No problem. Just expand the panel. Our Floor Plan Tour gives you unparalleled interface control.
  • Have HomeVisit draw your floor plans or submit your own. Only HomeVisit offers you that choice! [Click here to view Floor Plan Drawing Service rates.]
  • Only HomeVisit offers drag-and-drop state-of-the-art configuration. Click on a spot on the floor plan to drop a pin. Then simply drag your selected photo over that pin. Captioning your photo is easy too! You'll be ready to go in minutes.

Go inside the kitchen and see the finer details. Explore the master bedroom suite. Get the lay of the land in the back yard. You can do it all with the new HomeVisit Floor Plan Virtual Tour.


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